Amy Ganci


Amy has been practicing law in Texas since 1988 and enjoys an active commercial and consumer litigation practice.   Amy cut her teeth in the late 1980’s on savings and loan litigation and has tried a number of cases involving complex loan, real estate and construction matters.  Amy also regularly handles professional negligence cases and is a certified mediator.  Most recently, Amy’s commercial trial practice has focused on fiduciary, contract, tort and partnerhip issues.

Amy grew up in Lexington, Kentucky and quickly became enamored with horses.  An avid horsewoman since childhood, Amy grew up riding hunters, but now focuses her riding activities on the dressage discipline.


A United States Dressage Federation Silver Medalist, Amy has combined her knowledge of and passion for horses into a thriving equine litigation and mediation practice.  Amy practices not only before courts of law, but also breed and sport horse organizations and associations, and regularly consults on equine matters nationwide.   In the mid-1990s, Amy began representing breeders, owners and trainers of perfomance and sport horses, including jumpers, cutters, reiners, Western Pleasure and Halter horses.  Amy brings a lifetime of horse sense to the equine litigation matters she handles and frequently mediates equine disputes both before suit is filed and during litigation.

In addition to her law practice, Amy does much to support and encourage the growth of the horse industry!


The attorneys of Ganci LLP are not board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization